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Queen Shaunie Lew

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

In 2009, Shondra Johnson had the vision to empower women across the world. She stated that God gave her a vision of being a mother of women. Each year this vision grew, she began to see more and more women, speaking, preaching, teaching and encouraging each other. The vision was overwhelming. One night she awaken in a sweat, she felt God's presence and that's when she decided to go forward with the vision.

Queendom Motivators was formed in 2019 with the help of several women in the community.  Shaunie's focus is to LOVE, SUPPORT, MOTIVATE AND CREATE. She/WE are women supporting women, utilizing our skills and expertise to grow and up-build the Queendom. Continue reading Our Story below.  

Our Story

It started with a post! Queen Sandra Martin founder of Living the Vision Support Group, a natural-born consultant, saw two Queens desiring to make an impact in their community and it intrigued her to make the connection. From there Queen Shaunie (Shondra Johnson) and Queen Me'chell (Michele Farmer) created the Queendom Motivators non-profit organization.

In November of 2019, we had our very first Queendom Motivators Women Empowerment Event. We connected with Queen Sandra for "The Perfect Vision" Vision Board Celebration 2020. Then, we were hit with the pandemic. It brought many challenges, unemployment, reduced hours to care for parents and children, homeschooling, and the loss of loved ones. Even more, we witnessed the police brutality of black men. We continued to press through the pandemic by supporting our local business owners using our Chime-In and Shop Facebook platform. It was a success. We supported the Black Lives Matter movement by putting together a Black Lives Rock Award Show to inspire and give hope to the black nation. It was a success.

2021 EVENTS and Involvement

1st Valentine's Day Giveback

Kingdom Women Experience April 17, 2021 

1st Queendom Girls Trip

Annual Queendom Celebration was postponed due to pandemic

2022 EVENTS and Involvement

Annual Queendom Celebration Jan. 8


We are Queens supporting our community!

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Our Story
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