Queen Shaunie Lew

Meet the CEO of Queendom Motivators, Inc.

In 2009, Shondra Johnson had a vision to empower women across the world. She stated that God gave her a vision of being a mother of women. Each year this vision grew, she began to see more and more women, speaking, preaching, teaching and encouraging each other. The vision seemed overwhelming being that she was not ready to accept the assignment. This was big task for a young lady who was an introvert and at the time, was having her way in the world; but God wouldn’t leave her alone.

One night she awaken in a sweat, she felt heavy and God was sending her an alarm to either go forward with the vision or it would haunt her for the rest of her life. Convicted of the vision, she began to focus on being the mother of women. 

Queendom Motivators’ was birth in 2019 with the help of several women in the community.  Shaunie's focus is to LOVE, SUPPORT, MOTIVATE AND CREATE. She/WE are women supporting women, utilizing our skills and expertise to grow and up-build the Queendom.  

"Being a mother of Queens is not easy but nothing is too hard for God." Queen Shaunie Lew


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